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Capilo - Capillary Treatments For Hair Loss, Dandruff & Oily Scalp

The Capilo Line was created in 1937 with Capillicure, the first anti-hair loss lotion, based on research conducted by a french dermatologist who characterised the different existing types of alopecia.  In 1963, Capillicure changes to Capilo and incorporates new treatments becoming the number one solution specific for hair-related problems in France and Spain.  After its initial success, Capilo continued to evolve and in 1979 capilliculture emerged as a method for acquiring knowledge, diagnosing and treating the principle hair-related problems.

Today, Capilo rejuvenates itself to remain at the forefront in the treatment of hair-related problems.  Leaders in capillary treatments since 1957, our best guarantee is the satisfaction of thousands of professionals and clients worldwide.

Capilo is the first trichology line that is free of sulphates, parabens, allergens and silicones.

Why Capilo?

Because of its Formula


Capilo Formula

All Capilo products include an active ingredient that guarantees the final result based on an effectiveness test.  Its effects are boosted by two other natural ingredients acting in synergy for improved effectiveness and faster healing of the hair follicles.


Capilo Formula
Purifying pre-treatment with Cool 3D Technology that contracts and expands the pores, which helps hair treatment draining, increases its effectiveness and reduces the time required to obtain reasonable results.

Cell Technology

Capilo Formula
The Capilo line incorporates Cell4vital, an exclusive technology from Eva Professional that focuses on speeding up hair growth during the anagen (active growth) phase, increasing the rate of the growth process.


Capilo Formula
The new Capilo tackles the issue in 88.5% of cases. In the case of problems related to progressive hair loss, we can retard the process.

Because of its Credentials

High-end cosmetic products

Capilo Credentials
Because it is the first trichology line based on a formula that is free of sulphates, parabens, allergens and silicones.


Capilo Credentials
Because it is the only treatment line providing professionals a set of technological solutions to help them make an accurate diagnosis of the hair problem.


Capilo Credentials
Because no other product line in the market is as specific as Capilo.

Because its Exclusive


Capilo Exclusive
A set of tools to help identify the problem and provide a specific solution in 99% of cases.

Licensed Centers

Capilo Exclusive
By transferring the Capilo treatment ritual on an exclusive basis, we can be absolutely certain that all hair centers offering the Capilo line follow established capilliculture protocols in order to provide specific solutions to their patients.

Because of the Treatment


Capilo Treatment
We have pioneered the use of peeling in the hair cosmetics business. Its sanitizing and purifying action optimizes the effects of the treatment, improving its effectiveness compared to other solutions presently available on the market.

New Pre-treatment

Capilo Treatment
It includes an initial purifying treatment that removes all barriers present in the scalp in order to maximize the effectiveness of the recommended treatment.

Cutting-edge Technology

Capilo Treatment
New dual action specific for treating mixed oily hair problems. Intelligent action to regulate sebaceous secretion at different levels in the scalp and hair.

Because of its History


Capilo History
The Capilo line was born in 1957 with Capillicure, the first antiseptic, anti-hair loss lotion.


Capilo History
Capillicure becomes Capilo, and several categories are incorporated to make it the number one solution specific for hair-related problems in France.


Capilo History
Capilliculture emerged as a method for acquiring knowledge, diagnosing and treating the principal hair-related problems.


Capilo History
Capilo rejuvenates itself in order to remain at the forefront in the treatment of hair-related problems.
Leaders in capillary treatments for more than 50 years. Thousands of satisfied professionals and customers from all over the world are our best guarantee.

The Ritual

The Trichogram, is the analytical capillary systematic, that allows us to offer an accurate diagnosis of the problem and therefore the need to carry out the treatment.

It has four main parts:

Initial Diagnosis
  1. Initial Diagnosis
    1. General view of the hair’s health
    2. Diagnosis software of the treatment
    3. Microcam analysis to check scalp solution
Scalp Preparation
  1. Scalp Preparation


The Treatment
  1. The Treatment
    1. Energikum
    2. Vitalikum
    3. Oxygenum
    4. Ekilibrium
Post-treatment Hair Care
  1. Post-treatment Hair Care

How to Use Capilo?

Discover how to use your Capilo Treatment

Steps to success

The condition of the scalp shows us the quality and the health of the hair.  Contained within the scalp are the hair follicles this is where the hair is grown.  A healthy scalp will provide the right environment for stronger hair to grow which is full of vitality.

To ensure a good healthy hair, it is extremely important to analyse our scalp and hair to determine the appropriate treatment.

Being aware of this need, CAPILO Treatments are divided into the following phases:
Initial Diagnosis

1. Initial Diagnosis

A different factor in high-end cosmetics
CAPILOtreatments incorporate a hair analysis system and provide professionals with specific software for accurate diagnosis of the problem and subsequent prescription of the appropriate treatment.   Technology, health and beauty combined together inthe most complete treatment line on the market.
Scalp Preparation

2. Scalp Preparation

Prepare a good capillary base is essential for subsequent treatment application.

CAPILO treatments include pre-treatment phase, where the scalp and the hair work well for the subsequent application of the appropriate treatment.  A hair wash of sensations, through a 3D effect, a balanced massage and a personal and close treatment only in approved salons.

The Treatment

3. The Treatment

Prepare a good capillary base is essential for subsequent treatment application.
Perfect symbiosis between active and natural ingredients. CAPILO offers a specific solution to every hair problem.
Take the Capilo Diagnostic Questionnaire to gain a better understanding of how to add this incredibly valuable service to your salon
Capilo Diagnostic


Progressive Hairloss
Temporary Hairloss
Capilo Vitalikum - Hair Loss and Oily Hair
Capilo Vitalikum - Hair Loss and Oily Dandruff

Capilo Oxygenum - Dry Dandruff
Capilo Oxygenum - Oily Dandruff
Capilo Ekilibrium - Oily Scalp and Dry Hair
Capilo Ekilibrium - Oily Scalp
Pre-treatment is a line of treatments dedicated to extreme hair rescue.  The main function of these products is to nourish, repair and strengthen damaged, unbalanced hair or hair that has lost its density. provides state-of-the-art solutions, thanks to its specific intensive treatments.  Its formulas are based on 7 precious organic oils painstakingly selected for their benefits to the hair: Safflower, St. Johns Wort, Linseed, Babassu, Baobab, Jojoba & Sesame.

No Sulphates, Parabens, Dyes or Allergens
Capilo Hydra-In Dry and Damaged Hair
Oily Hair
Capilo Hydra-In Fragile and Mature Hair
Capilo Hydra-In All Hair Types